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How to cook Chorizo Egg and Avocado Burritos

Avocado is a must-have ingredient when it comes to making chorizo & egg burritos. We find that about once per week we’ll eat breakfast for dinner – based on what’s left in the cupboards. There was only one ingredient, the chorizo, that we didn’t already have in the fridge so this was a pretty simple recipe to put together. The ingredient that puts this recipe over-the-top is the fresh cilantro from the backyard garden. The cilantro not only tastes great, but it provides fresh balance to counter the spice level of your chorizo. Below are the directions for the Chorizo & Egg and Avocado burrito recipe. Enjoy!

Chorizo & Egg and Avocado burrito Recipe

Recipe ingredients (serves 2 adults):

cilantro from the backyard garden

Recipe Cooking Directions:

  • Brown chorizo in a stainless steel skillet (then set aside)
  • Scramble eggs
  • Warm the flour tortillas on the stove
  • Place eggs, chorizo, and cheese on flour tortilla (and then wrap)
  • Drizzle El Pato hot tomato sauce over the burrito
  • Sprinkle freshly cut cilantro over the top and serve
How to cook Chorizo & Egg and Avocado - Ready to Eat
How to cook Chorizo & Egg and Avocado – Ready to Eat

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