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How to replace the washer pump motor on Kenmore and Whirlpool front load washing machines

Easily swap the washer pump motor out with a new one in this do-it-yourself fix.

Difficulty: Easy
Skill level: Beginner

For Kemore He2 and Whirlpool front load washing machines that wont drain completely.

If you’ve got a washing machine that won’t drain, or a clogged washing machine, and have already checked the trap, there’s a good chance your washing machine pump motor has failed. Replacing the pump motor is simple and inexpensive.

Learn how to diagnose and replace your washing machine pump motor.

A failed washing machine pump is a common reason that front loading washing machines stop draining. You may see error code f-33 (for failed connection between circuit board and drain pump motor) followed by error code f-21 (washer is failing to drain).

With the failed connection error code, it is most often a burned up or failed washer pump motor – which has a connecting cable to the circuit board. When the electrical connection has failed, it produces the f-31 error code.

Watch the complete replacement video and learn how to replace your washer pump motor without hiring a repair man.

How to Replace Your Washing Machine Pump Motor

Begin by disconnecting the washing machine from the power source (unplug it from the electrical outlet behind the washer).

Remove the front cover from the washing machine so you can see the pump motor.

Place a bucket under the access cap for the drain trap, and turn the cap counter-clockwise to remove. It’ll unscrew after several turns.

If you notice that the trap was clean, next make sure to inspect the pump wheel by placing your finger in the hole that can be seen once you’ve pulled the trap out. If the wheel inside can be turned back and forth freely with your finger, then the pump was NOT seized.

Now that you’ve confirmed that both the trap was NOT clogged, and the pump motor was NOT stuck or seized, go ahead and order your replacement washing machine pump motor.

Removing the Washing Machine Pump Motor

You’ll start by removing the water hoses from the motor. There are two. Some water will come out of the hoses (assuming you’ve already drained it by removing the trap as instructed above) so grab an old towel to sop up the water. This also helps keep your work area dry.

Next, disconnect the electrical circuit from the pump motor. You may need to put a small screwdriver under the locking tab – which is common for electrical circuit connections.

There will be two tabs that motor essentially slides into and is held in place by friction. These tabs are part of the metal floor the pump is standing on. Slide it to the right to remove. Slide it back in to the left to put the new one in. It’s a really straightforward fix.

Installing the New Pump Motor

Install the new washing machine pump motor by sliding it under the mounting tabs – slide it to the left.

Reconnect the electrical circuit connection.

Reattach the 2 hoses to the pump motor and tighten the hose clamps.

Your new pump motor comes with the trap already screwed in place. Just double check to make sure it’s nice and tight so water doesn’t leak from the trap during your next load.

Reinstall the font cover of your washing machine.

Plug your machine back in, and run a small test load. During this time, once the washer fills up and starts the wash cycle, the washing machine will attempt to pump the water out, before it gets to the spin cycle. You can manually progress the washing machine cycle by turning the knob/wheel on the instrument panel, but make sure to let it fill up with sufficient water first so the pump has something to suck out.

Washer Pump Motor Replacement Parts

Look for replacement part #8540024 online or any of the following:
Replacement Part Numbers: W10130913, 8540996, W10201457, W10190648, W10190647, W10117829, 8540028, 8540027, 8540025, 8540024, AP4308966, LP30913

For Kenmore Sears Models: 11047511700, 11047511701, 11047511702, 11047512603, 11047512604, 11047512605, 11047531700, 11047531701, 11047531702, 11047532603, 11047532604, 11047532605, 11047542603, 11047542604, 11047542605, 11047561602, 11047561603, 11047561604, 11047562700, 11047566602, 11047566603, 11047567700, 11047567701, 11047571602, 11047571603, 11047571604, 11047576602, 11047576603, 11047577700, 11047577701, 11047581602, 11047581603, 11047581604

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