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How to replace the washer pump motor on Kenmore and Whirlpool front load washing machines Easily swap the washer pump motor out with a new one in this do-it-yourself fix. Difficulty: Easy Skill level: Beginner For Kemore He2 and Whirlpool front load washing machines that wont drain completely. If you’ve got a washing machine that won’t drain, or a clogged washing machine, and have already checked the trap, there’s a good chance your washing machine...


Oh no! All of a sudden the clothes are sopping wet at the end of the wash cycle…Now the wash cycle is failing during the middle of a load!…If you’ve experienced either of these, or the below symptoms before with your front-loading washing machine, it’s most likely a clogged drain pump filter. Below, we’ll explain how you can repair your own washer in a few simple steps and avoid a costly